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About our Doctor

Dr. Elizabeth Piselli is a graduate of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. A committed athlete, Liz started her lacrosse career locally in Rockville Centre. A South Side Cyclone through and through, Piselli was inducted into their athletic Hall of Fame 2009. She continued her career on the US U-19 team and then traveled across the country as a four year letter winner and later team captain at Stanford University.


Dr. Piselli is from a long lineage of athletes and this familial connection is what sparked her interest in podiatry. Her brother had debilitating foot pain while playing peewee football in Baldwin, NY and after several trips to different orthopedics, it was finally the podiatrist who got him playing again (he would then go on to Quarterback at Cornell). Later at Stanford, she saw teammate after teammate have to sit out of games and training secondary to different foot maladies. That solidified her decision to use podiatry as a means to help athletes and others get back to doing what they loved.

Since then she has helped countless of people get back on their feet and find their balance. Dr. Piselli credits her training at Montefiore for a well rounded approach to podiatry.


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